Skills and Specialties


Our firm has made this Latin maxim its motto. For this reason we only operate in one particular area of competence, that of International Taxation, with expertise in tax procedures involving a cross-border relationship.

Our firm is exclusively active in the following areas:

– International Taxation. (Direct Taxation and Registration Fees, Wealth Tax, Transfer Tax, 3% Tax).
– Assistance in the context of procedures to challenge a tax domicile.
– Assistance in tax audit and tax litigation.
– Representation before the Tax Authorities and National and European Courts.
– Amicable settlement in the context of a difficulty in the application of a Tax Convention.
– Assistance in cross-border tax collection procedures.
– Assistance in Criminal Tax Law proceedings.
– Estate planning.

Our Firm has an international network that enables it to assist its clients in the main countries of the world by drawing on the expertise of local advisors.

We value teamwork and enjoy working with our clients’ usual advice, bringing our particular expertise to the table.

We are fluent in English, Italian and Romanian as working languages.